Men Issues

When a man is going to bed for the first time with their new catch, many things are running in their minds. One, will their manhood behave, is he going to meet the expectations of the eager partner? Will he be safe after that? The lady, on the other hand, has their worries as well. Are they going to enjoy the equipment while still safe? When I talk about safety, I mean safe from sexually transmitted diseases. This article is made specifically for ladies. It will give them tips on how to spot a penis with problems hence take the necessary safety measures before engaging in sexual activity. As much you want to enjoy life, do not forget about your health. Read on for tips on how to identify a penis with problems.

How can a lady spot a penis problem?


man, stressedA healthy sexual talk begins even before taking off the cloths. The answer a man gives you after asking about their sexual history tells it all. A normal and healthy man will be free to talk about it. If they are not willing to open up, there is a big problem. If you cannot get clear answers, step back and rethink your decision.

Adequate lighting

As a lady always make sure that you engage in sexual activity in a lit room. Natural light is the best. As a lady, you should examine the penis, and see if there are things like warts, bumps or any other unusual features. All the above cannot be noticed if you are doing it in a dark room.


As a woman, you are supposed to pay attention to what is happening to the man’s penis as it gets hard. A sick penis will present rashes, bruises, warts, bumps and anything else that gives you the fear to get closer. If you notice anything funny, feel free to back away.

Always use a condom

safe sex, condomNo matter how clean and fit the penis looks like, a condom is a must. Sexually transmitted diseases do not always show up on the surface. They will yes, but in very severe outbreaks. To prevent all these, condoms are a must. If a man refuses to use a condom, run for your life, it is the biggest of all red flags. In fact, a considerate man should have the condoms with them if they knew you are coming over for a night.