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Buying Viagra Without a Doctor’s Prescription

There are several reasons why you could have Erectile Dysfunction (ED). Some of the reasons include lack of adequate sleep, anxiety, and stress. Viagra offers a solution to men suffering from ED.

To get a prescription, you have to make an appointment with a doctor to be medically assessed. However, you can still buy Viagra without having a doctor’s prescription when you make your purchase online. This is not recommended because you need a doctor to examine your problem and your health in general before you can use Viagra.

The Safety of Viagra


To guarantee your safety, some pharmacies will ask you some questions before they can sell it to you over the counter without any prescription. Another way of getting Viagra without a doctor’s prescription is by purchasing through an accredited and certified online doctor service. Such services will assess your suitability for using Viagra before they can sell it to you.

Benefits of Buying Online

Some men feel embarrassed to walk to a pharmacy to buy their prescription of Viagra. As a result, they prefer to buy their dosage online. Purchasing Viagra online saves you not only the embarrassment but also the time. Online purchase of Viagra will offer you convenience since your prescription will get delivered to you right at the comfort of your home.

Risks of Buying Online

The most significant risk of buying Viagra online is that you may mistakenly buy or get scammed into buying counterfeit pills. Viagra is one of the most commonly counterfeited medicines. To protect yourself from such a risk, only buy Viagra from accredited online retailers. If you buy Viagra from fake pharmacy websites, you will be putting your health at significant risk.

Making Online Purchases

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To purchase your dosage online, you can log in to your accredited online retailer. Once you are logged in, you can submit your prescription. Your online pharmacy should then authenticate your prescription. Next, your pharmacy or online retailer will fill your order and ship your medicine. If you will purchase your viagra dosage online without having a prescription, make sure that you have no underlying condition that might compromise your health. For example, you should free from any heart condition. You should also not be currently using any nitrate medications.…